Wednesday, June 26 • 2 to 4 p.m.

Educational programming provided by Wisconsin Holstein Foundation Inc.

Holstein Association USA and Zoetis invite all juniors to attend the National Junior Genetics Conference held at the Red Lion Hotel, Paper Valley, in Appleton, Wis., in conjunction with the 2019 National Holstein Convention and the National Genetics Conference. Youth will rotate to attend all three of the following sessions in groups of similar-aged attendees.

Sessions and Presentors
Host and Emcee

Jerome Meyer, General Manager of East Central/Select Sires will serve as the host and emcee. He’ll kick off the session before dividing all attendees into three separate groups. Youth will rotate to attend all three of the following sessions in groups of similar-aged attendees.

Genomics 101

Led by Nick Randle, U.S. Dairy Marketing Manager at Zoetis (left) and Kayla Langer, Clarifide Technician at Zoetis (right)

Youth will get an inside peek at the whole process of genomic testing – from actually taking the sample, to how it’s processed, and what information a farm gets back afterward. That will include the production, health and conformation traits, along with a discussion on traits that many may not realize are tied only to genetics – like polled, A2, and coat color.

Know your Indexes

Led by Brian Kelroy, Dairy Programs Manager at East Central/Select Sires

TPI, NM$ and DWP$. While these may be familiar acronyms — Total Performance Index, Net Merit Dollars, and Dairy Wellness Profit Dollars — this session will dig into how these selection indexes are compiled, what they actually mean, what traits they include, and what effects they can have on genetic progress in dairy herds

Know your Repro

Led by Dr. Matt Dorshorst D.V.M, with Origin Reproductive Services (left) and Phil Dieter, Marketing Manager at East Central/Select Sires (right)

Because genetics don’t matter if a pregnancy isn’t created . . . youth will get a chance to see how to create pregnancies on dairy farms. This includes a hands-on experience of the whole A.I. process from handling semen, loading A.I. guns, a look and feel into bovine reproductive tracts, and even digging into what all this means on a microscopic level.

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