• Corey Geiger

Juniors. Juniors. Juniors.

Fun activities, dairy-focused learning opportunities, and life-long friendships will be in store for all those who attend the 2019 National Holstein Convention in Appleton, Wis., from Sunday, June 23 to Thursday, June 27. Not only will it be a chance to partake in traditional Holstein Convention activities, there will be many unique activities at this

national extravaganza right in our backyard.

Sunday, June 23 gets rolling with preparations for the Dairy Jeopardy Competition and a fun welcome event for all junior members. Then at 7 a.m. Monday morning, June 24, the Jeopardy contestants take the stage. Those juniors also in the spotlight will be the Young Distinguished Junior Members (YDJM) and Distinguished Junior Members (DJM) as the latter group will interview for the right to be named DJM finalists for the Association’s oldest awards program dating back to 1922. For those who apply, interviews also take place that day for the National Holstein Women Scholarship Organization.

That same morning, all three divisions of the Prepared Speech Contest - Junior,

Intermediate, and Senior divisions - give their presentations. Later on Monday, the nation’s best dairy bowlers will take their Dairy Knowledge Exam. Wrapping up the early week festivities will be an exciting excursion and Junior Mixer to the Badger Sports Park.

Tuesday, June 25 will be exploration day as Juniors have their choice of three tours:

  • Discovery and Amusement - an interactive tour to the just opened $13 million Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center, followed by a behind-the-scenes tour of a new zoo in nearby Green Bay.

  • Farms and Floats - a tour of Brooks Dairy Farm and a splendid Wolf River Float Trip.

  • Cows, Cows, and Cows - see some of Wisconsin’s best dairy cows with tours to MilkSource Genetics, Synergy Dairy, Siemers Holsteins, and Hilrose Dairy. Lunch will also include a visit to the Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center.

Then there’s Family Night . . . Green Bay Packers - Tuesday evening will wrap up with a family night meal adjacent to the historic Lambeau Field. Also, a limited number... roughly 400... tour slots are available of the historic home at the Green Bay Packers. That will be separate ticketed tour sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Wednesday, June 26 will feature the longest running junior team competition - Dairy Bowl. The luncheon session will bring back the second rendition of Cows 2 Careers with a wide breath of schools and industry professionals who will inspire juniors on their lifelong journey in dairy.

Later that day, a two-hour genetics conference... specifically designed for juniors... will take place in the afternoon. That evening will be the National Convention Sale and a junior dance, with fun games, will take place, too.

Thursday, June 27 features the finals for Dairy Bowl and the National Junior Forum. It’s topped off with the Junior Awards Luncheon.

Juniors, if you like cows and dairy folks, mark your calendars now for the 2019 National Holstein Convention in Appleton, Wis. It will be a must attend event in 2019.

Making a Lengendairy event,

Corey Geiger

2019 National Convention co-chair

Phone: 1-800-223-4269

Email: wisholsteins@gmail.com

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