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A Legendairy Convention

Plans continue to firm up for the 2019 National Holstein Convention. For the latest information, we encourage everyone to go to www.2019holsteinconventionwi.com.

We embarked on this journey to host the upcoming convention after the Wisconsin Holstein Association board of directors voted to apply after hosting the highly successful 2008 convention. Holstein Association USA accepted our bid and we began looking at all venues with 400 or more hotel rooms. After looking at venues in Milwaukee, Madison, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Dells, Green Bay, and Appleton five years ago, the 2019 National Executive Committee chose Appleton for a number of solid reasons. Those reasons, and so may many more attributes, are now coming to fruition.

In January 2018, the Fox Cities Exhibition Center opened its doors for the very first time. The 43,000 square foot facility will allow us to have the adult convention in one location as it can host the National Genetics Conference, the National Holstein Convention Sale, the Dairy Girl Network Luncheon, and, of course, the 134th Annual Meeting of Holstein Association USA.

Not only will the convention be hosted in a convention center that’s less than 18 months old, the Red Lion Paper Valley Hotel is undergoing a transformation. The meeting spaces have been revived with beautiful new carpeting, removal of old wall vinyl, fresh paint, new banquet chairs, and much more. Every outlet has new flooring and some new furniture. The lobby has all new floor tile, new seating area carpeting, and the main hotel entrance has been fully updated.

Now is the time to make your room reservations. While the hotel has plenty of rooms, we anticipate that we will sell out the facility. Attendees can register three ways:

  1. Registration can be done via web on the Red Lion franchise website via a link at www.2019holsteinconventionwi.com - 0618HANC is the group code.

  2. Guests can book their rooms on the Appleton Red Lion via a link at www.2019holsteinconventionwi.com - 0618HANC is the group code.

  3. Guests may also call the Red Lion Reservations team at 1-844-248-7467 to make reservations and ask for the Holstein Association USA National. Remember - HOLSTEIN is the group code. 2019 Convention Room rates at the Red Lion Hotel Paper Valley are as follows:

  • Single occupancy, $114, plus tax

  • Double occupancy, $124, plus tax

  • Triple occupancy, $134, plus tax

  • Quad occupancy, $144, plus tax

Attendees also will be interested in the convention schedule when booking those rooms. While a full schedule can be found on the website, here are the main events when considering your hotel needs.

Sunday, June 23:

  • Dairy Jeopardy Orientation

  • Junior Welcome (speaker and mixer games)

Monday, June 24:

  • Dairy Jeopardy Contest

  • Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Speaking Contests

  • Dairy Bowl Knowledge Exam

  • DJM and Scholarship Interviews

  • Junior Mixer at Badger Sports Park

  • Farms tours to Jenlar Holsteins, Forest Ridge Holsteins, Budjon Farms, and Rosendale Dairy

  • Fox River boat tour, Lunch, and Hazelwood Historic Home Tour

Tuesday, June 25:

  • Farms Tours to MilkSource Genetics, Synergy Dairy, Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center (lunch), Siemers Holsteins, and Hilrose Dairy

  • Tour of LaClare Dairy Goat Farm Tour, Lunch, and Neenah Glass Museum

  • Junior Farm and Float Tour (Brooks Farms and Wolf River Float Trip)

  • Family Night near Lambeau Field

  • Lambeau Field Tours (separate ticket required)

Wednesday, June 26:

  • Holstein USA Annual Meeting

  • National Genetics Conference

  • Regional Member Caucuses

  • Tour of Green Bay Botanical Gardens and DePere shopping excursion

  • Dairy Bowl Competitions

  • Cows 2 Careers Luncheon for Juniors

  • National Junior Genetics Conference

  • National Convention Sale

  • Pregame Sale Tailgate Party: First Half Genomics Sale, Halftime Sale Dinner, Second Half National Sale

Thursday, June 27:

  • Holstein USA Annual Meeting

  • National Genetics Conference

  • Dairy Girl Luncheon, open to all attendees

  • Junior Dairy Bowl Finals

  • National Junior Forum

  • Junior Awards Luncheon

  • YDLI Cocktail Reception

  • President’s Reception

  • Gala Banquet for Adult Awards and DJM Finalists

Friday, June 28:

  • 25th Anniversary YDLI Leadership Conference

There are many reasons to attend the 2019 National Holstein Convention. Make plans now to attend this truly unique national convention.

Making a Lengendairy event,

Corey Geiger, 2019 National Convention co-chair

Phone: 1-800-223-4269

Email: wisholsteins@gmail.com

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