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There are many reasons to bring a friend

Dear Holstein enthusiasts:

Many of us will recall the splendid 2008 National Holstein Convention that our state hosted in Wisconsin Dells area. There was a great atmosphere, splendid water parks, outstanding Holsteins, and roaring dairy economy that featured the best two mailbox milk prices in 2007 and 2008 when looking at U.S. dairy history.

Regrettably, this time around we cannot do much at the moment to move milk prices. However, the planning committee for this year’s national convention is taking every effort to host an event that Holstein breeders and all dairy farmers will remember for a lifetime.

You should attend.

In these trying times, it can be reinvigorating to get together with fellow dairy folks to talk through situations that we are all trying to work through. That’s the very reason you should attend this year’s 2019 National Holstein Convention and even bring a friend.

For those that have been attending this convention for years, you will recognize many of the events you have grown to love. For those who might have not come to a convention since it was last in Wisconsin, or may have never attended before, there are many unique events taking place for the very first time.

The National Genetics Conference

If you enjoy breeding great cows and like the science behind those cows, the National Genetics Conference is for you. It will start on Wednesday, June 26 at 1 p.m. and run through noon on Thursday, June 27. It will feature some of the leading thought leaders on genetics from across the U.S. and around the world. Stay Wednesday evening and take in the National Sale.

The National Junior Genetics Conference

With some of the brightest minds already at Convention, we will be planning an action-packed, two-hour session on Wednesday afternoon geared specifically to juniors to inspire them to breed great cows or purse a career in science and genetics.

The Dairy Girl Network

Thursday’s Dairy Girl Network luncheon is open to everyone. At this event, we will bring both men and women together to learn and share ideas about building positive and inclusive teams on our farms and beyond. Consisting of nearly 5,000 highly-engaged dairywomen, the Dairy Girl Network movement has taken the country by storm with women across the nation involved in online discussion, educational opportunities and networking events.

The Young Dairy Leaders Institute 25th Bash

YDLI has been inspiring the next generation of leaders for 25 years. Whether you are a YDLI alumni or you are considering applying for the leadership conference, come Thursday evening and Friday to build up your leadership skills and interact with some of the brightest minds in our industry from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Cows 2 Careers

Borrowing a great idea from Michigan, we will host the second annual Cows 2 Careers for juniors on Wednesday. This 90-minute session will give juniors a chance to learn about the wide breadth of careers in our industry.

Now is the time to make your room reservations. While the hotel has plenty of rooms, we anticipate that we will sell out the facility. Attendees can register three ways:

• Registration can be done via web on the Red Lion franchise website via a link at www.2019holsteinconventionwi.com0618HANC is the group code.

• Guests can book their rooms on the Appleton Red Lion via a link at www.2019holsteinconventionwi.com0618HANC is the group code.

• Guests may also call the Red Lion Reservations team at 1-844-248-7467 to make reservations and ask for the Holstein Association USA National. Remember — HOLSTEIN is the group code.

2019 Convention Room rates at the Red Lion Hotel Paper Valley Room are as follows:

• Single occupancy, $114, plus tax

• Double occupancy, $124, plus tax

• Triple occupancy, $134, plus tax

• Quad occupancy, $144, plus tax

If you have National Holstein Convention related questions, please email me at cgeiger@uwalumni.com and we will address them in a future column.

Making a Legendairy event,

Convention Co-Chair,

Corey Geiger

Phone: 1-800-223-4269

Email: wisholsteins@gmail.com

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